Monday, February 13, 2012

Parallel Worlds

     Did you ever wonder what would have happened in your life if you had made a few different decisions as you  were going through life?  Like maybe a decision when you graduated High School.  Do I go to college, or do I go straight into the daily work force, try and land a good job, and retire at 65, maybe with a pension?  What if, during that decision making process, there was a split in the universe?  There is now a you that went to college, and a you that went to work, but in a parallel world.  That's right, 2 of you existing in 2 different worlds, timeline running pretty much the same, but 2 different lives.
     You could take it even further by assuming that every other decision you make in both of these lives, now creates another parallel world.  You could create infinite worlds throughout the course of your life, each one individual to the you on that particular world.  Mind-boggling, isn't it?  Somewhere on one of these worlds is a version of you that is happy, rich, content, and satisfied.  On the other hand, there would also be one that is poor, miserable, living in a cardboard box and generally just fed up with life.  Maybe you are happy with the life you have in this world, which is all one could wish for, and have never had a thought to what might have been. 
     I think life is like a road and that for every decision you make, there is an alternate path that opens up, and that a new world is created from just that one thought.  Somewhere there is a me that got into the Navy and has already retired as an officer and am living off my government pension.  Thank you tax payers!  Another me bought the boat in Hawaii and settled down to a comfortable life transporting small groups of people between the islands, occasionally taking them out for a sunset dinner cruise to enjoy a romantic evening.  There is probably another me that won the lottery and is just living in Hawaii, sailing around the world and just being a beach bum.  A wealthy beach bum, though.
     It's things like this that could possibly drive you mad if you think about it long enough.  So what do you do?  Think about the what ifs, or be happy with the life that YOU chose, because, in the end, the decisions you make are your own, nobody else's.  And yes, I do think about the what ifs, and yes, I may be a little crazy, but that's what makes ME happy.  If you're not happy with the decisions you have made in your life, be content in the knowledge that somewhere, on a parallel world, there is a you that is happy with their decisions and is probably wondering what would have happened if they hadn't made those decisions.
     Made ya think a little didn't I?  Sorry about that.  Anyway, thanks for reading ya'll.  Have a better one.

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