Friday, March 9, 2012

Continuation of Last Night's Short Story

     Jack grabbed an oxygen cylinder from the cabinet and raced toward the window, spraying the pure gas directly into the creatures' mouth as it broke through.  The creature stiffened and froze instantly, sealing the hole it had made with its' own body.  Jack sank back into the chair and breathed a sigh of relief, glad that his ploy had worked.  He figured that any creature that could survive the vacuum of space wouldn't be able to handle a straight shot of oxygen.  He had guessed right.
     Jack glanced at the creature and then back to the monitors.  He checked the external scanners on the ship to make sure there were no more surprises on the way.  He didn't know if he would get as lucky a second time.  Everything seemed clear and he switched on the sensors to alert him of any motion approaching the ship. 
     A quick check of the radio showed no incoming messages, and that worried Jack.  The colony ships should have replied by now.  He sent another quick message, explaining what had just happened, and warning them in the process.  A sense of urgency gripped Jack.  He set the ship on a higher than sub-light speed, cutting his planet fall to less than 6 hours.  Time enough for some exercise and a shower.
     Jack set himself to a strenuous set of calisthenics and stretching exercises, his body loosening up after the 100 years in cryosleep.  The stimshocks to his muscles might keep them from atrophying, but there was nothing like actual physical exercise to take its' place.  He finished his work out and showered in the sonic shower, marvelling at the way the sound waves cleansed his body.  Felt like a miniature lightning storm was playing over him.  A wonderful feeling.
      After finishing his toilet, Jack checked the creature, noting that it was still sealed perfectly in the window.  He would deal with the creature after landing, knowing that entry into the atmosphere would be tricky with it in its' current position.  He would make do, he always did.  He brushed his fingers through his brown hair, and punched up a video on the computer.  Since he had some time to kill, might as well watch a movie. 
     Settling into his seat, the images from "Forbidden Planet" filled the screen.  How appropriate, he thought.  4 hours to go.  Time enough for another movie after this one.  The computer would probably play another classic movie, it seemed to be stuck in that mode for some reason.  Ah, well.  Good thing he enjoyed them. The planet was drawing close.  Not long now....
     Thanks for reading everyone.  Have a better one.

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