Tuesday, January 24, 2012

American Horror Story

Hey, Everyone!
     This is my first blog and thought I  would test the waters with a fairly new show on FX called American Horror Story.  I know the first season has just recently ended, but I just watched the first 2 episodes last night and am already hooked.  Have the next 7 lined up for a weekend screening.  Jessica Lange(Constance Langdon) has a great role as the creepy next door neighbor who obviously has a past with the house that Dylan McDermott(Ben Harmon) and Connie Britton(Vivien Harmon) and their daughter, played by Taissa Farmiga(Violet Harmon), have just moved into.
     I liked the opening scene where the child with Down's Syndrome, (Adelaide), played by Jaime Brewer, tells the 2 twins that if they go into the house that they are going to die.  Well, they do.  In this day and age of gore as a given, their deaths are not quite on screen, but you see the effects later in the show.  Her next scene is where she comes into the house to tell Vivien that she too will die in the house. 
     The writing on the show has so far been intelligent and doesn't treat the audience like some of the other shows they have on lately.  Most of the shows on commercial TV seem like they either come off an assembly line or are just remakes of older shows that you know won't be around for long. 
     If you haven't seen American Horror Story, I highly recommend watching the reruns and getting ready for the second season which begins in October.

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