Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doctor Who

I know, I know.  I said I would try and write about something interesting every day.  Well, Doctor Who to  me is extremely interesting.  I first started watching Doctor Who in 1976 in Minnesota on the local PBS station.  I was 13 years old at the time and was really into science fiction.  I had come home after school and was flipping through the 4 stations and stopped on the PBS channel.  A show was about to start.  It had a swirling logo with a synthesizer music background and all of a sudden a man's face comes on the screen.  This was my introduction to the Doctor, as he is called, not Doctor Who as the series title might have us believe.  I was hooked immediately as the first scene has the Doctor dying in front of his friends and his face changing into the person who would then play the Doctor for the next 8 years.
     Doctor Who first aired on November 23rd, 1963.  If that date sounds familiar, think of JFK.  That is the day after he was shot.  To be fair to the show and because there was so much media attention to the JFK shooting, Doctor Who was replayed the following evening and history was made.  The Guinness Book of Records says it is the longest running science fiction show ever and the most successful science fiction series of all times.  Most of the early shows were shot on a shoe string budget and it shows, but the story lines, which originally were aimed at the childrens audience, were interesting enough to capture the publics attention and so Who-mania was born.
     I have watched every single episode available, some admittedly more than once, and I also own a lot of the DVD's, books and memorabilia.  I even have my own Sonic Screwdriver thanks to a Christmas gift from Sabrina and Patti.  If you want to know what a Sonic Screwdriver is, you  will have to watch the show. 
     Well, my friends.  There you have it.  I am actually fixing to watch a rerun of one of the new episodes of the revived series.  They are not the same as the ones as I grew up on, but they are extremely well written and have a much higher budget.  It doesn't hurt that the special effects are top line CG either.  Since 2005 there have now been 3 different actors to play the Doctor.  I will continue to watch the show as long as the BBC sees fit to continue to produce it.  And don't be surprised if you see more than one blog on the Good Doctor.  It is my favorite show of all time.
     Thanks for reading everyone.

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