Tuesday, January 31, 2012


     Unemployment sucks.  Just wanted to get that out of the way to begin with.  Luckily I have only had to use my unemployment benefits twice in my 30+ years in the work force, but I dread the sign up and waiting for that first check, or as they do now, the debit card.  If you have used it in the past, I am sure you know that they do not pay you near what you were making at your former employ.  Heaven forbid that you are able to keep up on your rent, bills, and maybe buy some food now and then.  I reckon that is their incentive to go out and look for a job. 
     On that note, I have been putting my resume out there, applying to at least 2 companies every day, but not getting the nibbles that I should be getting.  Went to a job fair this morning, surrounded by at least 1000 other unemployed persons, some dressed as though they were going to a baseball game instead of trying to land a decent paying job.  The brochure they handed out while we were waiting in line showed dozens of potential positions available with the various companies that had set up booths at the fair.  There may have been 20 booths set up, and most were handing out leaflets asking you to apply online.  Several took resumes, which I had brought with me, so I hope that helped.
     There was one company that had flown down from Alaska to tempt our desert acclimated people to travel to the cold climate of the far northwest.  They were paying $8.50 an hour to train drivers and after 60 days would bump you up to $10.00 if you completed the training.  I didn't even ask if they paid to relocate if you were hired.  I quickly moved on.  The casinos here in Vegas are hiring, but from my experience here, if you don't know someone that already works at one, the chances are slim that you will get in.
     But, anyway, I get my first unemployment check tomorrow, just in time to pay rent and my car payment.  You should have heard my sigh of relief when I received that news.  I had gone for over 3 weeks without a paycheck, so yes, even though it won't be as much as I had been making on a regular payday, I am and will be glad to get these weekly checks until I am once again a member of the work force.  Or I win the lottery......
     Ya never know.  Thanks for reading.  Have a better one.

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