Thursday, February 9, 2012


    Music makes the heart grow fonder.  Oh, wait, that's absence, isn't it?  Either way, music can make us think about a loved one, or someone you used to love, with just the first tune bringing back memories that you may have thought were forgotten.  Doesn't everyone have a favorite song or piece of music that they could listen to over and over and never get tired of listening to it?  I know I do.
     For me, it is the first side of Rush's 2112.  This was released in 1976 and in my opinion is one of the best albums ever put out.  The band itself has only 3 members, but listening to the music you would think that there was a whole orchestra behind them.  Geddy Lee, the lead singer, plays bass, acoustic guitar, and the synthesizer.  Alex Lifeson also plays acoustic guitar, plus the electric guitar.  Then there is Neil Peart, who without a doubt is the best drummer in the business.
     I had the pleasure of seeing Rush twice recently and they did the overture to the 2112 album.  The first few notes sent chills through me.  It was a wonderful experience.  This is one band that I would see over and over again.  Their music sets are almost mathematical in their rhythm, that's how precise they are.  When they do the song "Tom Sawyer", Geddy Lee plays no less than 4 instruments during it, all the while singing the lyrics and keeping perfect time as he does.
     But, although I enjoy this album, it isn't all I listen to.  I have been listening to the new country music that has been coming out latelym and found that it is actually as good, if not better in some instances than the older country, such as Conway Twitty or Johnny Cash.  One of my personal favorites is Toby Keith.  You have to love a guy that can sing a song like "Red Solo Cup" and then turn around and sing "Bullets in the Gun".  He has a long string of songs that are really easy to listen to and sing along with.  Thoroughly enjoyable!"
     I think I will wrap up this blog with a thought for you.  "If you enjoy something, embrace it."  That should be something everyone can relate to.  Until we meet again, have a better one.  And thanks for reading.

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  1. Music soothes the savage beast and music makes the world go round.... without music this would be a very sad place to exist.